Webinar "A Guide for Laboratory Systems Management, Part 7: Laboratory Processes"

Event agenda

Everything in laboratory work is done according to a process, and much of what we’ve covered so far in this series is a discussion of the tools used to improve productivity and lab operations. In this seventh episode of the webinar series, we’ll broaden our view to include the full range of lab activities to include the methods and procedures that put the “science” in lab work.  We’ll be looking at how:

  • the informatics pieces relate to each other in the process of lab operations, 
  • the considerations that need to be addressed when converting manual process to automated systems, and
  • what it can take to integrate them into computer-controlled, computer-assisted, and scientific production systems.

Why is this important to you? 
As the drive for higher productivity and improved ROI continues, laboratories need to take advantage of the full range of informatics and automation tools available to them.  That includes viewing the lab's operations from a more comprehensive viewpoint so that resources are used effectively, and opportunities aren’t missed.  This concluding session will bring the entire series to a close so that you can see how to apply the concepts we’ve covered to your labs work, and show how regulatory guidelines come into play and their importance in maintaining confidence in lab operations and data integrity.

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