Webinar "A Guide for Laboratory Systems Management - Part 5: Supporting Laboratory Systems"

Event agenda

The previous webinars have progressed from the descriptions of laboratory technologies to choosing some components, the financial justification for their use, and the beginnings of describing the topology and distribution of lab informatics.  In the course of those sessions, we began looking at the need for outside support for the systems under consideration: what help do you need when carrying out this work and where will it come from? 

This webinar will continue the development of that topic.  What roles do lab personnel and corporate IT support play in identifying technologies, selecting products, implementing them and providing for long-term support?  Is there a need for additional players in this work and what are their roles?

Why is this important to you?  We’re past the point where traditional IT backgrounds are sufficient to support laboratory work.  While the ability to effectively apply the available technologies, and identify missing components, is outside the experience of most lab personnel and IT support, it is an essential need if we are going to meet the growing productivity and ROI demands of laboratory work.  This presentation will look at how we develop people to fit that need.

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